Dalton Plummer

AP Studio Art : Burns

How can I create a painting that represents virtual reality conspiracy theories about the mixture of virtual reality and our own meanwhile using convergence (focal point created by using implied lines to direct the viewer’s eye to an object or element), abstract mark making and chiaroscuro lighting (single light source)?


Processes: Revision of previous work. I painted over layers of thick paint which was spread around the edges of the canvas giving it a textured and abstract look. I wanted this painting to resemble the conspiracy of someone awakening after spending their life within a virtual reality.

Portal to Somewhere

Processes: Painted with thick white paint around the edges spiraling towards the center of the canvas creating a portal effect. I wanted there to be a lot of implied lines to direct the viewer’s eye to the tv and the kid disappearing. Most of the objects are moving towards the television and the border spirals towards the tv and even the shadows emitted on the floor.

In the Game

Processes: I wanted this piece to resemble my friend that I was watching playing virtual reality games actually in the game himself fighting for his life. I created an imaginary world where he is fighting creatures in his own flesh.


Processes: I took a photo of my friend playing virtual reality games in his room. I wanted to bring the game into the real world instead, so I added details from the game on the tv that are creeping through the television and the door. I also used some implied lines to guide the viewer’s attention to the tv and my friend.

Is It Real?

Processes: For this drawing I wanted to resemble the conspiracy of living in a virtual world. I did this by drawing a city and having some subjects walking across a sidewalk who are wearing virtual headsets. There are glitches in this scene to imply that it might not be real.


Processes: For this drawing i wanted to resemble the conspiracy theory of being trapped in a virtual world. I represented this by drawing someone looking inside a television at someone who is trying to interact with the outsider.


Processes:  For this drawing I wanted to resemble the conspiracy theory of people who are being tested and are hooked up to a headset in a test tube and are is a virtual simulation. There are a few scientists pointing at and interacting with these people which uses implied lines to guide you back to the subjects in the tubes.

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