Edward Wu

AP Studio Art : Burns

The questions I tried to explore in my sustained investigation are about what is beyond our reality. I always believe that our world is not the only existing one. I am using digital works to illustrate the possibility of the existence of different worlds.

In the beginning, I only considered worlds in dreams, as what is shown in the first three works– me and dog’s dreams. However, later, I opened a gate for worlds in the mirror, shadow, afterlife and etc. To achieve the goal of depicting these works, I used different skills. Some works are mixed with photos and drawings, which blurs the boundary between different dimensions, thus greatly reveals my S.I. In the rest of the works, I did not mix them with photos to avoid the repetition in skills. In these works, I tried my best to create a storytelling scene. For example, in #3, the readers will immediately feel scared due to my atmosphere building. In #5, readers see that something is happening in the shadow family. These storytelling works support my S.I for different stories are existed in different dimensions. Therefore the different possibilities with distinct styles fulfill my sustained investigation questions.



Advanced Art

Digital Drawing

Basic Design : Burns


Basic Design : Mahar


Children's Book Illustration