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I want to show the importance of appendages. I wish for people to be reminded of the power they have with each movement. This is important to me because I had ACL surgery and understand the feeling of being immobile. I want them to be in awe of the different angles that the body can create. I want to show the gift of movement. I also want to show some struggles of being injured and personal growth in some of my art pieces. I want to show movement with the main focus being on appendages

A realistic person. Draws the viewer’s eye into the work and sees the unique position of the person in the center. Plays with color. 

Explores texture and overlapping images. I played with the position of the dancer, which helped show the different angles the body can create. I had a friend position herself in different angles and planned out where I wanted to put some of those images. 

Explored motion through kicking a soccer ball. I had a friend of mine kick a ball so I could capture the movements of the kick. I originally tried to make this abstract, but ended up revising it to make it more realistic. 

Shows struggle and growth. The struggle is the injury and the lack of motion. The growth is shown through walking up the ramp. Red rails to draw the eyes around the canvas.

Focuses on movement. Shows the process of the shot. Explored overlapping the characters. The background is my basketball court that I have at my house, and symbolizes hard work. 

This work shows fear and tells a story. I used red to display the fear. Revised on procreate. Tells a personal story about fear, judgement, and criticism.

This explores overlapping  and demonstrates lack of movement. This plays with color. Shows loss. I went out of my comfort zone on this piece and took chances. 

Plays with texture, color, and movement. The strokes are fun and creative. The person is shown being active and using mobility. 

Tells the story of growth by showing the progression of walking to running. Mood shown through color. Focuses on texture through knife painting.

This art piece focuses on overlapping and movement. The movement is shown through jumping. It symbolizes success because they reach the top of the mountain and personal growth. 



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