Leah Hart

AP Studio Art : Burns

How can I portray juxtaposition between subject and atmosphere through emphasis on supposedly contradicting environmental and architectural surroundings?

In this piece, I attempted to show juxtaposition by placing a person wearing stereotypical alternative clothing withing a pasture with flowers and cows. My goal was to show contrast between a dark and “edgy” style and a brighter setting.

In this piece I wanted to throw a character into a situation in which they partake in a very out of place/confusing course of action. I decided to illustrate a ballerina dancing amidst a zombie-plagued setting, playing music that draws attention to her location. Though I was trying to experiment with more creative placement and perspective, I believe I made the main subject matter (the dancer) far too small.

Here is a collection of sketches I did in preparation for revising my 2nd piece. I contemplated changing the setting entirely, and experimented with different facial expressions both for the person and the zombie.

This is a revision work of #2. In order to portray juxtaposition, I placed a ballerina performing about a crowd of zombies, in such a way that almost mimics a real life show or concert. I imagine that this character is living out one of her aspirations (performing as a dancer) as best she can in an apocalyptic scenario, which looks quite out of place given the scenario. The graceful movement of the ballerina contrasts the sporadic, lifeless movement of the zombies.

In this piece, I wanted to create a scene in which the main subject is “normal” at first glance, while being in an atmosphere that suggests otherwise. I decided to place a businessman among a group of demon-like creatures eating a feast of human body parts (with emphasis on eyeballs, as the monsters themselves are missing them). While the man isn’t the obvious focal point, I figured that with closer observation, he’d stand out as being out of place and perhaps spark a feeling of unease. I gave him a smile and comfortable posture to add to this feeling.

For this piece I wanted to experiment with lighting and shading through a digital medium, while attempting a more realistic style than I usually do. I illustrated a young boy curiously gazing up at a rather creepy scarecrow in a field, while being watched by a crowd of spirit-like creatures. I wanted to creat a suspenseful atmosphere, with the boy contrasting the foreboding surroundings.

Included in this is a watercolor painting that I had done earlier on in the year, and a couple of sketches I completed afterwards as I planned out my revision piece. I knew I needed to move the girl closer in perspective in order to achieve the expression I wanted, and I wanted to include more architectural and environmental detailing.

For this piece, I made the girl the main focal point, one that would contrast the surrounding room. I experimented with a wider variety of color and attempted to add more environmental details to strengthen the atmosphere and portray solitude/abandonment.

In this piece I attempted to capture a feeling of anonymity. I felt that by making the subject matter dressed as a ghost, their unknown identity would contribute to the overall composition. I chose to make the surrounding environment a stereotypical big-city subway, however rather than be bustling with people, it would be empty with only litter to suggest a previously occupied space. I believe that the ghost-person contrasts the bold signs, advertisements, and colors of the subway, which demonstrates overall juxtaposition between subject and surroundings.

For this drawing I wanted to use more of my typical cartoon style that I use outside of class. I illustrated a person being controlled as a puppet against their will while surrounded by a group of actual dolls/puppets. The person juxtaposes the puppets, both in the expression of pain and in the general illustration.

For this work I revisited my number 10 piece, and attempted to improve it. I started from scratch but ultimately headed in the same direction, and I am not sure how successful I was at making it better. I think the one thing I improved at was the style of the human (main subject of the piece), and I prefer the more naturalistic background.

In this piece I really experimented with realism, as I was far more used to a cartoon-like style. I also attempted a more unique perspective than some of my other pieces, and played around with sizes in order to give it that feeling of juxtaposition.

In this piece I used a combination of mediums, including watercolor, colored pencil, and digital. I illustrated a girl lying amongst a decrepit graveyard seemingly located within a lake. The status of her well being is purposely not made clear (dead, sleeping, etc.). Watching her are a bunch of spirit-like creatures from behind gravestones. These I made to look vaguely different from the typical ghost depiction, as to create a stronger feeling of not necessarily unease, but obscurity. I used dark colors to further emphasize the juxtaposition between the girl and her surroundings, as well as the glowing creatures.

In this peice, I attempted to create an atmosphere that seems both comforting and foreboding at the same time. I did this by illustrating the main subject in a sleep-like state while floating peacefully, but upon further examination you can see certain elements such as the eyes and the faint warnings in the background. I tried experimenting with colors and digital shading.



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