Lillian Peaslee

AP Studio Art : Burns

In my stretch of artworks, I seek to stir feelings of uneasiness, eeriness, and fear in the viewer that are difficult to explain or pinpoint. Contrary to Hollywood horror, I wish to visualize dread that feels out-of-place, unspoken, and inexplicit. To create a deep “there’s something off about this” feeling.

As I got further and further into this investigation, I started reflecting on my own personal anxieties during childhood even more and more; usually being untypical imagery that’d distress me but nobody else. Now I’m harnessing them with newfound self-expression, using illustrative techniques, jarring compositions, atmospheric shadows against light, and moody color schemes.

This sustained investigation of works aims to keep a consistent “otherworldly” feeling; using my fears as my muse, but twisting their presentation into how they feel. Distortion of perspective was an effective tool, as seen in pieces number #3 and #5, to make the viewer feel out of touch. In my first piece, I utilized shadows to hide my subject– the monster– in the pool. This technique clicked, so I continued with a theme of shadow work; especially in its revision, piece #2, and my animal mall series. Although I maintained the same style, I jumped through a lot of different media– from 3D modeling to painting to digital. I did this to manifest my inquiry in different ways, whether it be terrifying natural phenomena, man-made atmospheres, or tiny peculiar moments to yourself that don’t feel quite right.



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